Google’s 5 Content Creation Tips

The battle for ranking is fierce. There are so many important factors to rank your content higher in SERPs, but it’s not easy and it won’t work if you just focus on one thing alone. In this blog, I will share some of the major factors which lead to high-ranking success as well as how you can try them out yourself.

How to publish successful content?

Everyone wants to be published and have their content rank high, but sometimes because of the lack of understanding of how it all works, they miss a few tricks. There are many ways that people might suggest for ranking: choosing keywords with higher search volume or keyword stuffing, among others. But if you follow these things only then everyone can easily get onto Google’s first page without too much effort so there must be more secrets out there.

But in my experience, I found that we just need to focus on some basic and technical factors like must focus on your content headings. You should also be aware of the importance of internal and external links from websites with good backlinks as well as domain authority and page authority. If you’re looking for optimization help, a website’s load time is an important factor worth considering.

According to Google:

Use Of Proper Headings By John Mueller:

“Headings are useful in that we can take a heading and see what images and which text kind of apply to that heading.” source-SEJ

It’s clear by John Mueller that a well-planned page is the best way to get higher rankings on Google. Headings that don’t relate to any content are a common mistake and can lead to web pages ranking lower in search engine results.

John Mueller explains how moving text around won’t help get your content properly indexed, which is something we should all take into consideration when trying to optimize our sites.

“But just shifting around things with HTML or with CSS I don’t see that playing a big role there at all.

So in that regard, I wouldn’t really worry about this.” source-SEJ

Load Time: 

The Largest Contentful Paint on a page can be anything from an image or video that takes the maximum time to render as pages load. Google recommends keeping this below 2.5 seconds, and if it is above 4 seconds you are considered poor which will start impacting your web rankings in 2021


Internal links work as the connective tissue of your site. They help Google find, index and understand all of its pages so that they can rank them accordingly for search results.

The external links are a very important part of SEO. They help to increase the ranking on search engines, which is something that many people want when they’re putting content out there for all to see and use.

These are the major things that Google recommends you to perform to rank higher in SERPs.

Content Creation Tips

There are some more content creation tips that help you to boost your content in the shortest period of time.

  • Publish Content By Fix Interval Of Time

First, choose the frequency at which you want to publish your content (every day/week?) and then input this data into the content calendar. This trick will help you to increase engagement because followers know whenever they visit your site they have something new to read.

  • Do it in your own style

There are thousands of websites that are live and they all update their content at various times. Why do our users choose you among them? Every user has a different taste, interest, or even choice of blogger so don’t attempt to copy someone else just take inspiration from them and make it your own style because once in a while creators will imitate one another’s work which hurts the blogger’s reputation by users.

  • Content Planning

You have to do content planning because this will be helpful if you are struggling with creativity, or even just need a little time to organize your thoughts. There’s nothing worse than rushing through content and not having quality content.

  • Publish it in different modules 

The next trick is about getting your content seen by more people. A podcaster can turn their podcast into a blog post and vice versa. Some may prefer the audio while commuting or in bed but will want to read it on lunch break at work so publishing across different platforms gives them both options. YouTube creators and podcasters give viewers more choices when it comes to what they are looking for. Whether you’re looking for something amusing or a way to escape the monotony of your day, there’s always an option available on YouTube or in podcast form that will suit any need at all times.

  • Never compromise quality over quantity

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to content is compromising quality for quantity. It may seem like thousands of words with spelling errors that don’t convey their message or provide irrelevant information. Or hundreds of words piece that fulfills user search intent and contains no grammatical errors. Which one is better?