How to create an awesome meta description?

The meta description is a label of your website that helps you to increase CTR. Learn what is meta description, and how it can be optimized for better results.

What is a meta description?

The meta description is a short paragraph that appears under the title of your webpage and helps users understand what to expect from the page. It allows you to convince potential visitors to click on this link.

This is how meta description shows on your post in search results:

Why is meta description important?

Let me give you an example:

We all know how irritating it is to go shopping and not find what you’re looking for. Now imagine the same feeling when going online and visiting a website only to see that there’s no description on it. It might be even worse than in-store since at least with physical stores we can always ask someone if they have something similar or who knows where else we could look. 

Meta descriptions are just like labels without them your site won’t get nearly as many visitors because potential customers will simply assume there isn’t anything interesting. Google search results pages contain meta titles and meta descriptions. If this information doesn’t exist or looks spammy, users may not click on those websites.

The above examples show you how important meta descriptions are for websites. They increase the click-through rate and improve CTR and SEO results drastically.

How to create an awesome meta description?

Read on to find out how creating an awesome meta description is easy as pie. You just need to remember a few steps while writing your meta description

Optimize your meta description length:

To create your meta description, you first need to check what the character limit is and how long it has to be. It should only take up 155 – 160 characters. 

To check your meta description you can use the Meta Description Length Checker tool to get an idea of how your meta description shows in SERPs 

Used your primary keyword:

When optimizing your website for search engines, it’s important to include the primary keyword in the meta description. This is a known best practice within SEO and can help with ranking better on SERPs (search engine result pages).

Here, I search for the best video editor and found this on the first page of Google. And you can see to increase your visibility you need to use your primary keyword in the meta description.

Relevant to your content:

Meta descriptions are pieces of content that will help users find out if the webpage is relevant to their queries. Try to create relevant meta descriptions for websites, and you’ll notice a dramatic increase in traffic

Try to be specific where needed:

Meta descriptions are very important to attract customers and help them understand what your website is about. It’s a good idea to create specific meta-descriptions that reflect the intent of each page on your site, so you can get more people clicking through or seeing it on search results pages

Like as I search about the best seller of gaming keyboards 

Interesting or engaging description:

Meta descriptions need to be concise but interesting and engaging. It will help you to attract more visitors or customers to your site.

Here you can see how others create engaging meta descriptions for their users as I search for “Water Bottle”