How to drive traffic to your Shopify store? 5 ways to increase traffic.

Shopify is an online platform that lets you set up and manage your own business. You can customize a site, and sell it in multiple places like social media, web stores, or pop-up shops. 

If you’re an online retailer, your store must be powered by a robust platform like Shopify. This scalable and reliable infrastructure has hosted over $34 billion in gross merchandise volume since its launch nine years ago! 

You might think that it’s hard to get traffic at Shopify stores, and you’re not alone. It can be hard for most people who are trying to drive more business but don’t know. However, by following some strategies shared in this blog post I’m confident we will be able to boost your store’s online visibility

6 Ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store

Optimize Your Shopify Store:

If you want to be the go-to store for all your customer’s needs, then it is essential that you optimize a rank on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). This way, when customers are looking for something or doing research about their desired product they will find and visit your site. When customers see how much better than other sites yours ranks in SERPS with good reviews from past buyers they will buy what they need without any hesitation.

But the thing is how you can rank your store higher in SERPs?


First, you need to do proper keyword research and then select keywords according to your niche. This will help you rank higher in Google search results. Then you need to use these keywords in your content that appears in search results when someone is looking for the related query. 

Keywords can be very useful tools that allow you to improve customer satisfaction by generating more visibility on Google searches or improving conversions inside stores with promotion codes or discounts.

The best way to use keywords on the e-commerce site is

  • You can use it in the Product Title
  • You can use them in the Product Description 
  • Alt Tags on images of product 

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is like a secret weapon that always helps you to promote your website. You can use it as an engaging way of attracting customers, especially ones who are not familiar with the products or services in question.

So how you can do content marketing?

Product Description:

It is important to have clear descriptions of the products on your website so that customers can decide whether or not they want to purchase them. The more information you provide, the better informed their decisions will be and the less likely for them to hesitate in buying a product from your site. This will also build a good customer experience. 

Meta Description:

The meta description of your website is one way you can increase the number of people who visit your site. If it does not provide what a customer needs, they may simply never open up your page to find out more about what you’re offering


You can publish content to increase your visibility in search results by adding keywords to your posts. If you have an electronic item store, for example, then writing about “the best microwaves of 2021” or “top 10 microwaves reviews” will help you to improve rankings and attract more traffic to your website. 

Are you want to learn more about how to rank your content faster?

Social Media:

Social media is the perfect platform for you to advertise your products and make them seen by other people. You can even run campaigns that will help increase visibility in certain locations or audiences which are specific to what you sell 

Influencer marketing: 

The best way to get your store seen by new customers is through influencers. If you can find someone with a large number of subscribers or followers that likes what they see and agrees to give it an honest review, then this could be the boost in the business you need.

Google Adword:

Google Ads will help boost the visibility of your business at a low cost, so if you’re looking for more exposure without breaking the bank or time constraints, this might be what’s been missing from your marketing plan.