What is a crawl budget and Why is Crawl Budget important in SEO?

What is Crawl Budget?

Googlebot crawls and indexes the number of pages on a website within an allotted timeframe is known as Crawl Budget.

Why is Crawl Budget Important in SEO?

Your website’s crawl budget is very important because it ensures that your site has been thoroughly crawled and indexed before the crawler leaves for another and if Google doesn’t index a page, it’s not going to rank for anything.

How to improve Crawl Budget?

Page Speed:

Googlebot crawls more of your site’s URLs when you improve page speed. 

According to Google,

“Making a site faster improves the user’s experience while also increasing the crawl rate.”

You can use PageSpeed Insight to improve page speed,

Internal Links:

Internal links can help individual pages of your website to be crawled and indexed more quickly. Therefore, using internal links will allow for a thorough crawl with less risk that something has been missed

Proper Website Architecture:

Proper website architecture ensures that content is easily found by users, and crawlers while also making sure it stays in Google’s index so all potential customers can find it as well.

Orphan Pages:

Build up your website’s reputation by making sure all of the pages on it have at least one link. Having an orphan page means having a web page without any connections to other parts of your site, which can be bad for crawlers as well as visitors not being able to find where they are.

Duplicate content:

Don’t have the same content on multiple pages. It wastes a valuable crawl budget and can hurt your SEO rankings when you do because search engines will overlook new or updated content that has a duplicate page.